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Details revealed about a fight that turned deadly in Ordot

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One man who knew the victim from a fight-turned-deadly in Ordot spoke with KUAM News at the crime scene.  An elderly man who was assaulted last week dies in the hospital on Wednesday.

His alleged attacker now under arrest and charged with negligent homicide as a third degree felony. Frank Reyes said, "The guy got hit and he died." Reyes says he frequents this plaza and would often chat with the victim, noting, "I felt bad because the guy is kind of handicap I feel sorry for him."

"I heard that he was looking at the kids or girlfriend and the guy got mad and he hit him but everybody is saying George is kind of off a little bit."

The alleged assault occurred last Friday night at the Sunshine Plaza in Ordot. That's where 36-year-old Anthony Celis told police he punched the victim, George Diones, in the face. Diones fell to the ground bleeding.

"It is sad. I feel sorry for the guy because I see him walk around back and forth and ride the bus...I feel bad," he said.

According to Celis, he punched the man because Diones had harassed his family members earlier that day. Diones remained in the ICU until Wednesday when he passed away. "But I think he shouldn't have hit him, just excuse him but he did. He hit him and he passed away," he said.

An autopsy showed he died from massive intracranial bleeding to the brain. The manner of death: a homicide.

Celis appeared in court for a magistrates hearing late Friday.

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