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Blas: I’m resigning

Posted: Jul 11, 2018 8:37 PM Updated:

Republican senatorial candidate Amanda Blas has submitted her resignation to the Governor. Blas, the Executive Director of the Commission on Decolonization, informed commission members of her decision to resign from her job in an e-mail obtained by KUAM News.

According to the email, Blas gave her resignation to Governor Eddie Baza Calvo on July 6; her last day on the job will be July 23.

As reported on KUAM News, Blas should have resigned when she filed her candidacy for senator since she was not a special assistant of the Governor, according to Civil Service Director Peter Calvo.

Blas had claimed although her official title was “executive director” - she was still a special assistant to the Governor and therefore exempt from having to resign from her job to run for senator.

KUAM News obtained Blas’ personnel action forms from the Department of Administration and those documents said Blas officially became an executive director when she resigned as a staff assistant to the Governor on 2017.

A written complaint had been filed with the CSC, asking the body to investigate whether or not Blas should have resigned from her position when she filed her candidacy to run for senator and if her candidacy violated the Mini Hatch Act.

Governor’s Chief of Staff Mark Calvo then sent a memo to CSC head Peter Calvo reiterating the administration’s argument that Blas was a special assistant.

Peter Calvo, however, said Blas’ personnel action forms from DOA would tell the CSC what her official title really was.

Blas told KUAM News last week she had no intention of resigning from her job, which pays $104,000 per year in salary and benefits. In a letter to Commission on Decolonization members, Blas said she was “honored” to have worked with the commission.

Since Blas is not a special assistant and she should have resigned from her position as executive director when she filed her candidacy with the Guam Election Commission, it remains unclear what action the CSC will take regarding Blas’ candidacy, since it appears to have been in violation of the Mini Hatch Act.

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