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Troy Torres details more allegations of corruption

Posted: Jun 19, 2018 5:36 PM Updated:

Calling it his season finale for now and time to cool things off so he can help with the Rodriguez-Cruz gubernatorial campaign, Troy Torres unleashes his latest set of allegations of corruption and a taped phone conversation between the deputy chief of staff of the lieutenant governor and a senator.

Anti-corruption campaign or dirty politics? Former Calvo administration staffer Troy Torres reports his whistleblowing days will be behind him. In a press conference on Tuesday, he says he wants to return to the gubernatorial campaign trail - this time, sporting the colors for Dennis Rodriguez Jr. and David Cruz.

"It's getting closer to the election and I would like to be more involved in the gubernatorial campaign for Rodriguez-Cruz because I think now is the time that there is enough for the media and for anti-corruption authorities to do their jobs," he asserted. "To uncover the rest of it."

Nearly two months ago, the former spokesperson for Governor Eddie Calvo had been arrested on drug charges. Since his arrest and release with a notice to appear in three years, he's revealed what he alleges are cover-ups and conspiracies in-house at Adelup. "Now that the administration has minded my business, I will mind theirs. And that's what I have done," Torres continued.

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"I feel a little vindicated. That after all of this time and revealing all of this corruption, we get to circle back to where it all started, and it was when I got arrested."

Torres maintains that arrest was politically motivated. He shared the audio from a phone call between the lieutenant governor's deputy chief of staff Jaydeen Tuncap and Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. just before his arrest:

Jaydeen Tuncap: I think it was possession and conspiracy. I don't have any details. They just called me to let me know he was arrested. You know how it is. They question them throughout the day, right?

Senator Rodriguez, Jr.: Uh-huh.

When asked where he sourced the recording, Torres responded, "From Senator Rodriguez, because as we were trying to piece together that day after it happened, we knew that something wasn't right. From the time I was told that there was a pipe in the house, I knew that something wasn't right."

"So she got the phone call that I was arrested around 5 o'clock. I had not yet been arrested. Even still, my arrest record says I was arrested around 4 o'clock. All of these are fabrications," he maintained.

Adelup, in response to Torres' press conference, maintains the call was professional and a confidential courtesy to Rodriguez regarding one of his staffers. They also take issue with the recorded phone call, stating in a press release, "We have two concerns with the recent allegations: That the senator is recording his personal phone calls without the other party's knowledge... and that the senator has chosen to leak confidential information to a person who is subject of an open criminal investigation."

While Torres hasn't run out of allegations on the administration just yet, he admits, he's fears for his safety. Because of this, he's pre-recorded all of his allegations against the Calvo administration in a tell-all video.

"It's only slanderous if I know that it's not true," said Torres.

KUAM News asked him if he is prepared to go to court, to which he replied, "Yeah. I would love to go to court. I would love for these people to take me into a court of law and put each of them on a stand."

We reached out to Senator Rodriguez office for comment but he's not returned our calls as of news time.

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