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Defendants for prison murder will be heard in groups

Posted: Apr 16, 2018 4:25 PM Updated:

Only four of the nine men charged in connection to last year's murder in the prison appeared in court on Monday. At issue: security.

Judge Anita Sukola announced, "The court had been informed that due to staffing and security concerns and separation issues, the court must stagger the defendants coming before the court. Therefore, beginning today, the court will hear the defendants in groups."

Marvin Rechim, A-Last Simiron, Jimmy Hadley, Isler Miller, Albert Santos II, Benster Benjamin, Jeremiah Isezaki, Andrew Rios, Jr., Vimson Menisio, will appear in two groups, on separate hearing days.

The men are charged in the killing of prison detainee, Manson Isar.

Aside from security issues, the court previously noted difficulty securing counsel for each defendant due to conflicts or lack of experience.

Over a dozen attorneys have been withdrawn to date, with Attorney Jacque Terlaje being the latest to be appointed. She will represent defendant Isezaki.

No trial date was set. A hearing for the remaining defendants is set for Tuesday.

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