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By the numbers: what senators are doing on the job

Posted: Apr 13, 2018 5:12 PM Updated:

We've heard about the seats opening up for the 35th Guam Legislature, several seeking higher office, while others deciding to get out of the game. Now, we look at what the current senators have done in office, as we inch closer and closer to election.

Just how good a job is your local senator doing? Sometimes it's easy to lose track of what a senator's real job is - representing the people and making laws.

Part of that job is writing and voting on bills and getting them passed into laws.

But senators in the 34th Guam Legislature have introduced more Resolutions than bills - Resolutions are sometimes handed out at the request of the public, but for the most part they make for great photo opportunities for senators - recognizing individuals, occasions or sports teams. Your senators have introduced nearly 400 Resolutions, compared to 245 bills - according to information provided by the Legislature.

The top Resolution presenters in the 34th?

Gubernatorial candidate Dennis Rodriguez with 116 Resolutions. He has almost twice as many Resolutions as second-place Senator Frank Aguon. Aguon - also a gubernatorial candidate, has introduced 64 Resolutions. Senator Joe San Agustin has the third-most Resolutions with 50. Vice Speaker Therese Terlaje has 40 Resolutions. Rounding out the top 5 - Senator Telena Nelson had 28 and Senator Regine Biscoe Lee had 23.

Senators Tom Ada, Mary Torres and Louise Muna did not present any Resolutions in this term.

Legislative certificates are similar to Resolutions, but smaller. Senators presented certificates 189 times. Senator Frank Aguon presented 62 certificates, Senator Dennis Rodriguez 46 times and Senator Wil Castro presented certificates 43 times. Senator Regine Biscoe Lee presented 30 certificates, Senator San Agustin 22 certificates and Senator Nelson 12 certificates.

Senators Ada and Torres did not present any certificates.

And now for some numbers related to what Senators are actually getting paid to do - introducing bills and making laws.

Based on prime sponsorships of bills - Senators Ada and Rodriguez have introduced the most bills with 43 each. A big drop-off after that - the next best Senators - San Agustin with 25, San Nicolas with 21 and Speaker BJ Cruz with 20. Vice Speaker Terlaje and Senator Aguon have both introduced 19 bills each. Senator Nelson introduced 17 bills.

Senators Tommy Morrison and Muna have introduced only 7 bills each and Senator Wil Castro has introduced the fewest bills in the legislature with 5.

And how have Senators fared with bills becoming laws? The 34th Legislature has passed 87 laws.

Again, Senators Ada and Rodriguez are head of the class. Ada has had 16 bills become laws, while Rodriguez has had 13 bills become law. Vice Speaker Terlaje has had 9 bills become law, Senator San Nicolas has had 8 bills become law and Senator Torres has had 6 bills become laws.

Senators Aguon, Nelson and Espaldon have had 3 bills become law while Senators Castro and Fernando Esteves have had just 2 bills become law.

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