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It'll be several more months before Dededo Pool reopens

Posted: Apr 13, 2018 4:20 PM Updated:

Dededo residents are going to have to continue to be patient in order to utilize their local public pool. Officials from the Department of Parks & Recreation advise that the pool will continue to be closed for a few more months due to maintenance issues. It was closed prior to the shutdowns of last month's government fiscal crisis.

The Dededo pool, one out of only two public pools available on the island has been shut down since last year. And according to Park & Rec officials, the island's northern public pool will continue to stay closed for the next few months due to maintenance issues.

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares says there's also been delays in DPR's grant applications, saying the agency, "had applied for a grant for all these facilities to be renovated or repaired and we did find out from their program officer at Department of Parks & Recreation that finally bids went out and they have already assigned vendors or contractors to do this work."

But according to KUAM files, this isn't the first time the pool has shut down for repairs, as the Dededo pool has experienced numerous problems since its opening in 2012. And while the Agana's facility is much older, the central pool has been reopened since its closure of last month, a result of expense cuts.

"I'm glad at least one of the public pools are open," said the mayor. "I did speak with DPR last week and they said the contractors still not quite completed. We cannot open until everything is completed with the work, as well until we obtain an occupancy permit to re-enter the facility."

It was just on Tuesday that DPR broke ground on a new concession facility and restrooms at the baseball park of the Guam Sports Complex - enhancements made possible by a $800,000 housing block grant administered by GHURA.

But will DPR be able to keep up maintenance with these new facilities? Savares said, "The regular maintenance is important and of course, the swimming pool, there's so much. The chlorine, the water, we need to make sure there's no cracks in the area so there's no loss, no leaks of water. We just need to make sure everything is okay, so that we're not wasting any type of utilities once it gets back up."

In the meantime, the Dededo pool sits abandoned. And while it remains inoperable, the facility's up keeping still remains under DPR's purview.

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