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Adelup closing pools & sports facilities

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Senators may be moving closer to a vote on a possible 2% general sales tax, but the latest debate centers on how the government can reorganize to save money, and also cut costs. Lawmakers argued that you can't raise prices on consumers without also reducing government expenditures.

One such proposal is Governor Eddie Calvo's fiscal realignment plan to slash about $47 million in operational expenses, including $24 million from the education department alone.

But Vice-Speaker Therese Terlaje urged caution in using "a scalpel instead of a bushcutter" when adopting cuts, saying, "Everybody's being put in fear of furloughs and I think still it's the public sentiment and its definitely my sentiment that there are places in government that we can cut, I think we can even cut without furloughing, we can meet this $47 million, but instead to adopt their entire fiscal realignment plan, I think gives the public no assurance, and especially agencies like doe, gives no assurance as to how we are going to proceed after today."

Meanwhile, the Administration announces more cost-cutting moves. Effective this weekend, the Hagatna and Dededo Pools will be closed, as well as the Paseo Stadium, Guerrero Field, Tiyan ball fields, and the Dededo Sports complex.

Adelup adds that it may also terminate the leases for the Museum, the Chamorro Affairs department and the Arts and Humanities council.

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