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Oriental Kitchen shut down by Public Health

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Two restaurants were shut down by Public Health on Tuesday. Oriental Kitchen in Mangilao was a repeat offender with a 'C' rating that turned into a 'D' with 27 demerits, including buckets of edible garbage stored in the walk-in cooler together with food served to customers.

The second a popular stop, Wendy's in Barrigada, received 24 demerits. After a complaint there were flies. Inspectors did not find any pests, but tomatoes, lettuce, and bacon did not meeting proper temperatures and employees were chopping on stained boards.

Public Health Inspector Marilou Scroggs says closing Wendy's was unexpected.

Plus, these were follow-up inspections, after inspectors tried their best to help owners correct violations. She said, "It's not our first option, we try to work with them. We give them a break, we work with them, but for the second follow up we don't have any choice but to close them." She added, "We're not out there to get them out of business or hurt them but we have to protect the public."

Jun Espaldon, franchisee of Wendy's, apologized for the inconvenience and confirms the Barrigada location reopened just hours after discarding food and working quickly to fix violations late Tuesday afternoon.

However, Oriental Kitchen remains closed.

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