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Amendments proposed to governor's revenue bill

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There's still no action on the governor's bill to raise new revenue to cover a projected $67 million revenue shortfall. There were multiple attempts to amend the measure, including a provision by Senator Tommy Morrison to increase the business privilege tax from 4% to 5%, instead of the 6% Governor Eddie Calvo is seeking.

The Morrison amendment failed, as did others by Senator Dennis Rodriguez, Jr. to make deep personnel cuts at both the Governor's office and the Legislature.

While both those provisions failed, an amendment by Senator Frank Aguon Jr. to roll back the salaries of appointed officials to 2014 pre-competitive wage act levels did pass.

Lawmakers voted on the latest version of the Governor's Bill 1-6S, with that vote failing with the following breakdown:

Sen ada 
Sen aguon
San Agustin 
Sen san Nic 
Vice speaker terlaje 
Sen Torres 

Cruz excused

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