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Arriola says comments taken out of context

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Department of Administration Deputy Director Vince Arriola responded to Senator Regine Biscoe Lee after he says he was singled out by the Democratic Party. The party over the weekend stated, "Arriola admitted that DOA had cash in the bank and that the Governor had near absolute authority to manage that cash."

But, Arriola told KUAM that was "totally misguided" and he says they took his comments out of context...even questioning Democrat-governor hopefuls, noting, "Of course it's the governor's call, he's the Governor of Guam. If democratic party can't understand that's surprising because they got four candidates running for Governor, but if they have no idea how government of Guam runs maybe they shouldn't be running."

Arriola adding, of course there's money in the bank, but the question is if it will last them through the fiscal year.

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