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Dededo mayor says Astumbo fire station can't close

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Whether it's a show or not, the mayor of the largest village in Guam is hoping the drama will end because lives could be on the line.

Mayor Melissa Savares said, "I'm pleading with the governor, the chief the legislature, please we'll do anything, close your admin office and keep the station open." She's disappointed in government leaders who she says don't realize closing Astumbo Fire Station will deeply impact over 10,000 village residents. If there's a fire, or a medical emergency, first responders won't make it on time.

"The area that the Astumbo fire station covers," explained Savares, "covers an area where are some Chamorro land trust properties, and those homes are only wooden tin structures, so should there be a spark it'll be engulfed in seconds. We have over 12,000 people that live in this area that Astumbo Fire Station covers. Of course, a response time for a medical emergency, someone having a heart attack, anything within the 7 minutes is critical."

She worries for the Senior citizens who live just next door, saying, "They feel safe, but now with the threat of the station being closed, Who will take care of them?"

Her suggestion, close the admin offices not the fire stations, pleading, "They can use the stations as admin office, so they don't pay those rents, cut your lease, save the money there with rental space and utilities and bring the people out to the stations because the stations need to stay open."

She emphasized service to the people and public safety should be top priority.

Piti Mayor Jesse Alig shares the Dededo Mayor's concerns, saying he isn't happy with the decision, and the health and safety of his village is paramount.

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