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GVB focusing on attracting visitors in 2018

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Will 2018 be a better year for the island's tourism industry? Much of the negative impacts followed the direct threat to the island from North Korea last August. But, GVB leaders say they are on track to ensuring its a year filled with record numbers.

Months after the threat to Guam from North Korea, and local businesses are still trying to recover. Many telling us how the cancellations from tourists, especially from Japan, have left them with no other choice, but to develop special deals and rates that would entice them to visit.

"We are having record arrivals year after year but with North Korea news that hit us so we are still trying to recover from that especially in markets like Japan and some other markets like Taiwan and Hong Kong, we did lose some air service," said Guam Visitors Bureau president Nate DeNight. He adds the up side. The Korea market is growing stronger despite the ongoing tensions from the North.

"I think it's going to be a good year for tourism. It might be a little bit tough to surpass last year's results but we are going to be pretty close," he said.

 Pretty close as they wasted no time working to attract visitors back to the territory. They also took to social media, with Denight saying, "Globally, our campaign for 2018 is InstaGuam so using social media to highlight Guam as a great place for an instant vacation. We are only three to four hours away from our source markets and we want people to share those experiences instantly on their social networks and we think that's the best way to really showcase Guam from the people themselves that are visiting."

A resource to get the Hafa Adai Spirit out across the world. But, what if the island gets another threat?

"With geopolitical events it's really hard to plan. We just try to manage the situation and the manage the news. What happened last year we had over a hundred different media covering this thing for 7 to 10 days so Guam has never seen that kind of coverage. I think that issue had grown beyond Guam. Now it's bigger than just Guam was the focus and we are seeing some of the steps taking take root but it takes time to mitigate the effects," he said.

Mitigation that includes an array of widespread events to once again draw in the visitors to our paradise.

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