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Council votes to end charter school's pre-k program

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If you're looking for a pre-kindergarten program for your child next school year, charter schools are now not an option. This news comes after the Guam Charter School Council in a budget meeting, voted to end the funding to the Guahan Academy Charter School's pre-k program.   

It was a budget meeting for Guahan Academy Charter School, iLearn, and the third addition, SIFA. GACS requesting the $6,500 budgeted per student include 200+ additional students, and iLearn requested an increase of 120, meaning collectively more than $10 million. Funding, the Council says, they may not receive if the enrollment is capped again.

Chairwoman Amanda Blas explained, "The questions that we asked today at the Charter School meeting is just to make sure that the charter schools are aware that their request of more than 900 in the case of GACS and 620 may not happen it may stay status quo with the 500 for iLearn and 740 for GACS."

But it was the issue of pre-k that the council voted on, the Charter School Council voting to end pre-k enrollment at GACS next year. "My concern is that if we're going to go outside the law for pre- Kindergarten what else are we going to let outside the law, as well?" questioned Blas.

Council members agreeing that a pre-k program goes outside the law, with Blas noting, "I believe the previous charter school council did allow for a pre-k, this current council did state that it's not in line with the charter school law that charter schools can only have grades kindergarten through 12."

The chairwoman did clarify that current pre-k students at GACS will not be affected. She said, "I do want to make it clear that this will not affect current pre Kindergarten students, of course the best interests of the children is at the forefront at Council's discussions."

But this decision does set precedent for future charter schools to come, which now will not be given the funding for a pre-k.

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