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Resident shocked at girlfriend's $14.8 million power bill

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Imagine going to pay your power bill and finding out that the total is in the millions of dollars. That was the reality for one of your island neighbors who got quite the shock when opening his latest utility statement.

Herbert Diaz thought he was only going to make a quick stop to the Guam Power Authority to pay his girlfriend's monthly power bill for this apartment unit in Agana Heights. But, the representative had a rather unexpected message about the account. "She told me there was a balance of $14 million, and I was like, '$14 million???' and she asked me to keep it down after I was in shock about it," he recalled.

The exact amount - $14.8 million for power for a single apartment - left him stunned. "Who has that money?" he questioned.

The outrageous total, GPA spokesperson Art Perez, admits was on them. "It's unfortunate. The root cause it was due to a meter change out with the wrong configuration thus the customer was assessed a bill that was inaccurate." And now, responsibly, the utility agency is working to resolve the billing issue.

"We are laughing about it because it's like how does that happen. I never heard of someone staying in an apartment consume that much power," Perez commented. "It had to be a very long time where someone got away with it."

Diaz meantime is finding humor in the error, quipping, "I think I'm going to have to look for twenty full-time jobs to pay this bill!"

On a serious note, Perez says this is the first time he's seen an error that resulted in such a high electricity bill, noting, "This is something we take seriously that all customers are billed accurately. And this is something we are reviewing internally and see what improvements on quality control to minimize impact this might have on customers."

GPA officials say unfortunately these things do happen. So if you do notice anything out of the ordinary in your bill, you are asked to, call their customer service team immediately.

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