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Brogan Walker Sanchez representing Guam in Invicta FC

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Brogan Walker Sanchez left island this morning to Kansas City, Missouri to represent Guam in Invicta FC 27. Walker Undefeated at (4-0) will be facing fellow undefeated fighter Cheri Muraski (4-0) from Colorado. Muraski's wins have come via decision, 3 submission victories. The event takes place on January 14th. The fight will be in the women's flyweight division; and, can be viewed live on UFC Fight Pass.

Sanchez said, "It's going to be a great match. We are both 4-0 and we are both brown belts I believe. Going in against another undefeated person is going to be a really big challenge but that is exactly what I wanted and that is exactly what I am prepared for so it's going to be a really great match. Invicta did a really good job of finding me someone who is going to challenge me and help to take it to the next level so I'm super stoked."

Brogan is #1 flyweight in the Southeast-Asian region. She is also ranked in the top 15 in the world according to She is a Purebred Brown belt and is Purebred Muay Thai's Instructor.

Sanchez said, "When you are getting ready for a match they are looking at your last fight and they are looking at how you did before, prior and I am a totally different martial artist from my last match. So I am excited to show everybody and I am looking for the finish this time."

Invicta FC is the world's largest all-women's mixed martial arts organization. All Invicta FC events are aired exclusively on UFC Fight Pass and Combine fighting sports channel in Brazil.

Sanchez said, "What it means to me is a lot more than just opportunity. The opportunity like I said is great but it means so much to me because I have had the support of my family my team and my sponsors. When you have people invest that much time, sweat, blood and tears and love into me. I am excited to give them a return on the investment and just do the best that I can out there."

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