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Efficient A/C systems save you big money

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It's easy to think green when it comes to air conditioning. And it's a double-win when you buy a high energy efficiency machine from a certified store with GPA rebates.

"The average unit cost is about $800, less $200 more efficient units meaning they spend less on power," explained Jun Gegato of Universal Air Supply. They've been in the air-con business for 11 years and counting. And Gegato, the sales manager, says

Jun Gegato, sales manager at Universal Air Supply says all their units meet EPA requirements, and can cut your power bill.

But the average lifespan is 5 to 10 years and common Guam problems, like humidity and geckos proper make proper maintenance is a must. "The key to that one is also maintenance it's just like cars no matter how could your car is it'll break down easily with proper maintenance it will last," he said.

There's no secret that Guam is hot, but Universal Air Supply is here to keep you a little bit cooler. With their energy program with GPA you'll be able to save money and energy in the long run."

Gegato said, "Basically all stores are the same the key though is price and service. We make sure we have all the parts especially those fast moving parts, we make sure we have that just in case somebody needs it, well not all companies have backup parts."

These parts he says are critical to the servicing and upkeep of your cooling system.

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