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Family offers forgiveness to man convicted for their father's death

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A family who lost their father in a deadly moped crash more than four years ago is now speaking out. James Aguero was only 40 when he was riding a moped in Yigo and crashed into a car being driven by Max Manabat. Manabat was convicted of vehicular homicide just last week. But the Agueros are doing more than just remembering James...they are also offering forgiveness to Max.

James Aguero's family is now finding it much easier to move on, with his daughter Amanda saying, "For me, it's a huge relief because for all these years we've been mourning and just been very upset about it. I just didn't get why it happened and why...I just wanted answers." She and her brother Trey were only teens when they got the bad news about their dad.

She recalls the good times with him, saying, "He was always wanted to play with kids and very giving as well. When we were living with mom and dad, my dad was always the one trying to buy us things that we want and he was just one of those guys who people wanted to have around."

James died on August 2013. He was riding a moped north in Yigo when he crashed into a car attempting to turn off Marine Corps Drive.

The driver of the car, Manabat, was recently found guilty of vehicular homicide. "He was the hammer of the family. Always the caretaker," Amanda recalled of her late father.

Joe Diego, James' brother-in-law, stated, "On behalf of James' siblings - Marcie, Joey, Marlene, and Reena. The verdict was somewhat bittersweet. I guess the good thing about it was time has allowed the family to heal and find it in their hearts to forgive."

Forgiveness for Max as they hold the memory of James closely. "They've come to forgive Max and wish him well," said Diego. "We want to pray for him and his parents and want him to know the family forgives him. Time heals the broken heart and definitely the hearts were broken in the accident."

Though the conclusion of the case won't bring him back, James' children leave a message to their father, with Trey saying, "What he has done influenced me and makes me want to almost become like him and do the stuff that he does." Amanda added, "I would just tell him I hope he is proud of everything that we have done. We did take after his footsteps. We both wrestle and my dad was a wrestler. We recently went to England so I am hoping we are seeing every step that we take. Ever since this happened it just motivated me to become very successful and just a better person for myself and my family."

And a better person who she believes Dad is watching over.

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