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Celebrate New Year's safely, Guam

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What are you doing to ring in the New Year? If your celebrations include alcohol, the Guam Police Department reminds residents to first designate a responsible, sober driver. Otherwise, your new year could start in a jail cell.

Celebrate responsibly. That's the message from the Guam Police Department. "We're asking each and every individual, if you choose to go out and celebrate, to please be responsible and designate a sober driver. That's one of our major concerns: the fatalities that we've embraced throughout the years 0054 and we want to be able to prevent that," said GPD spokesperson Sergeant Paul Tapao. He reminds residents that safety should be top priority.

He added, "This is the time of year, the holiday enforcement, we do beef up our officers on patrol. We have suppression teams that deal with alcohol related incidents and we have a suppression team that deals with crime in general, so you're going to see a significant amount of officers out and about throughout the New Year."

If you're caught intoxicated behind the wheel, prepare to spend the new year in a jail cell. "It's an automatic two days in jail, especially if you're caught during the holiday, you're probably going to see the judge on (January) the second, so plan accordingly. Designate a sober driver. It is a mandatory forty-eight hours confinement until your case is actually seen by the courts," said Tapao.

 And if you want to ring in the New Year with a bang, don't pull out the guns, canons, or other improvised explosive devices. "If you hear or see somebody discharging a firearm, within a residential area, to please call the nearest precinct; again, it is punishable by law to discharge a firearm in a residential area 0124 to shoot the firearm in the air," he said.

"In the event that officers do respond and we're able to make contact with the perpetrator, the firearms will be confiscated to include all firearms that they possess that's within their vicinity, and of course, they will possibly serve jail time depending on the courts," he said.

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