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App lets you access social security info securely at libraries

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Tired of waiting in line at the Social Security Office? Well, now a new computer app allows you to view your valuable information without having to take a trip to their office. Along with being available at your fingertips, you can also access it your local public library.

Once again, technology makes our lives a little bit easier. As of Tuesday, residents can now access their Social Security Information at their local public library.

The Guam Office of Technology has installed the SSA Express Icon on 61 Guam Public Library System computers at their various branches. Frank Aflague is the spokesperson for the Guam Public Library and said, "It's kind of like a collaborative effort with the Social Security Administration. They've experienced something that has been very successful in other regions and they reached out to us to see if we could install the SSA Icon so it would be better accessible to patrons, for our patrons as well as their patrons."

The SSA Express Icon allows residents to access specific portions of the Social Security Administration's website, including their benefits, forms, SS card requests, and more.

The best part? It's free of charge and you won't have to visit their office in Tiyan. "They can just come in, sign in for the computer, click on the icon, and it will take them to different things that will be able to assist them with their benefits as well. I mean maybe not the entire process but some of things that they do go stand in line for," said Aflague.

The application continues to be what GPLS officials have stated as just "one of the services that we provide to the community in terms of being a hub for information."

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