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Rodman hopes to broker peace between US, North Korea

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Retired NBA great Dennis Rodman believes his good friend, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has no plans to launch missiles against Guam.  Rodman arrived Thursday for a first-ever visit, and spoke with local media about Kim and his former reality TV boss, President Donald Trump. 

The retired five-time NBA champion, and former Apprentice TV personality is well-known for his off-the court attention-grabbing antics.  In a news conference at the Hilton, Rodman downplayed the dispute between his two powerful friends, while responding to questions over Kim's nuclear missile threats that place Guam squarely in the cross-hairs.

"I see that Donald trump and him is more like two big kids - whose the toughest," Rodman said. "Because you know why? I don't know why even remotely in my estimate, think about bombing anything in the world. I never heard him say it to my face, and I talk to him all the time."

Rodman has been to North Korea multiple times, and says he will be returning there very soon.  He says he never speaks to Kim about world affairs, which is why he believes they remain close. "To me, I always think he's a big kid. We always talk about basketball, that's all we talk about is basketball. No politics. Nothing about America against North Korea, we don't talk about stuff like that," he shared.

But he is clearly bothered by the latest tensions, and seems willing to do whatever is needed to bring his friends to the table.  He says he has offered to President Trump to be a mediator, but his former Apprentice show boss has not taken him up on it.

"I would sacrifice my life, for the two guys to get together," he said, pausing emotionally for an extended period of time. "I would go and put my life on the line. 'Cause It just sucks. It just sucks, man."

Rodman is also promoting a company called PotCoin, which launched a cryptocurrency for medicinal cannabis growers. It provides an alternative to banks, which are still prohibited by federal law from accepting deposits from the marijuana industry.  Rodman arrived from New York, and leaves Saturday. While here, he is scheduled to visit various schools to talk basketball. 

He says he also plans to visit the beaches and maybe even take in the local nightlife. 

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