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Prutehi Litekyan still waiting on word

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The group that's been protesting the construction of a live fire training range at Andersen's northwest field says its still waiting to hear from top leadership.  Prutehi Litekyan is seeking further environmental analysis of the site, and a lawsuit is also pending. But spokespersons Dr. Kelly Marsh and former Senator Hope Cristobal say time is running short, and they want Governor Calvo and Congresswoman Bordallo to speak out before the bulldozing can begin.

"Right now, every hour, every day that they're contemplating, and reviewing, there are right now plants that are being ripped out," said Dr. Marsh.

"You can't undo those things," Cristobal added, "so we're just asking for a pause to find out was the analysis correct. Although we are a non-self governing territory, we're non-sovereign, the military has been acting with impunity with all of these decisions that its making because it has a big budget and it wields a big stick."

Prutehi Litekyan and original landowners say the firing range complex threatens the area's pristine environment, and the northern water lens, our primary source of drinking water.  The military counters that it has met all the requirements of an extensive federal environmental approval process.

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