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Legislature gets involved with Port/YTK dispute

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The Guam Legislature is inserting itself into the Port Authority’s legal dispute with YTK Corporation over a $15 million arbitration award.  The Superior Court of Guam has ruled in favor of YTK in its dispute with the port over the 45-year lease of Hotel Wharf, and ordered the port to pay-up.

The Port has appealed the decision to the Guam Supreme Court, and now the legislative legal counsel has filed a “friend of the court” brief.  Transportation committee chairman Senator Frank Aguon made the announcement late Monday.  The brief argues that the arbitration panel cannot waive the legislature’s right of sovereign immunity.

In a statement, Aguon says the judgment has the potential to “kick the door wide open for the government to be sued by anyone.”  YTK has said it tried to settle the long-running dispute with the port, before exercising its contractual right to binding arbitration. 

Legal briefs from the Port and YTK are due in December.

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