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Tiyan High ROTC cadets honor veterans

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While they're too young to serve in the armed forces, students at Tiyan High School, Guam's newest high school, are proudly part of the school's ROTC program. As such, they honored Veterans Day with a special military ceremony.

It may not be the first year we celebrate Veteran's Day, but for Tiyan High, Thursday was the first celebration with a Reserve Officer Training Corps program.

Proud to serve, Marthalina Anoj and Devin Santos, young cadets on the Tiyan campus, say being a part of ROTC is the first step for their future career. "Not only does it affect your future and benefits you but it also teaches you discipline," said Anoj. "I want to go to the U.S. Army because I want to do infantry," added Santos.

"I joined ROTC because it's been my dream to join the Air Force, between the Air Force and the Marines," Anoj stated.

Honored at the ceremony for their service, veteran teachers are a source of inspiration for Cadet Anoj. "My last instructor he motivated me a lot, his name was Sergeant Iglesias. My algebra teacher, Mrs. Lyn San Nicholas Diaz, she did the Army Reserve."

Senior Cadet Santos says he's grateful for all those who have served before. "I just want to thank the veterans because I want to one day join the military. It just makes me feel really good that there's people protecting us every day," he said.

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