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Cold Stone Creamery staffers honored for their honesty

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For this month's Good Neighbor segment, we feature a good Samaritan in our community and highlight their every day acts of selflessness. This month we meet two young ladies who will melt your hearts all while serving you some of the island's best ice creams, yogurt, and customer service.

They serve-up nothing but the best.

19-year-old Mellanne Rasmussen said happily, "We're all about it. We're all about it," with 22-year-old Joana Caasi adding, "We all get daily emails about how to perfect our customer service." Mellanne added, "We always work on perfecting it - in any of our products. We always make sure our customers are satisfied with it; if we give them their ice cream and they happen to not like it, they can always feel free to come back and switch it out." 

Joanna chimed in by saying, "So, Cold Stone's first priority is all about customer service." And their superb customer service extends beyond the walls of the shop.

Last month, both ladies worked the morning shift at Cold Stone Creamery Yogurt Bar at the Guam Premier Outlets in Tamuning. Their routine is to clean up after every customer. One man that day would come and buy some yogurt, but he accidentally left behind a sizable wad of cash.

Mellanne recalled, "After he left, we did what we normally do. We go and check around and see what we need to clean. Then we found this cash on the floor in front of the register." Joanna added, "At first we weren't sure if it was his. So we were like, oh is this his? And then so while he was still close, we ran after him."

"We didn't count it at all," said Mellanne. "We just found it and, 'Oh, somebody dropped this money!, and we're like, 'Maybe it's that guy.' He was the only customer that was here, so we're like go, go after him! And I had to stay back and watch the register, so we're like go, go catch him!"

All the way to the nearby theater. The man and his $100 in cash reunited. His gratitude would exceed the girls' expectations. Joanna said, "He came by the store the day after it happened and then he spoke to one of our managers. And he asked who worked on that day and they said my name and her name, and I think he sent a letter to corporate."

After writing a note to management, the man would call KUAM and nominated these young ladies for the Good Neighbor Award.

Mellanne said, "I really wasn't expecting it. Our manager just came up to me when I was at work one day and said, 'Remember that time you guys found money on the ground? Yeah. He's really thankful.'"  She also said, "We really were just expecting a simple thank you. That would've been fine."

When asked why they did the right thing, even when no one was looking, they said, "It's the environment that we work in. Like a lot of people, we don't take each other's things. Like our coworkers. We can leave our stuff around and nobody will take it," said Mellanne.

Joanna added, "It's just a normal thing for us not to take anyone's possession if it's not ours."

The girls are both students at the University of Guam, one with dreams of becoming a nurse and the other a teacher - perfect considering they obviously have a passion for helping others. As a recipient of this month's Good Neighbor Award, Title Guaranty will donate $100 to a charity of their choice.

Their pick? Harvest House, a non-profit that helps meet the needs of foster families and foster children on Guam by providing for their physical needs, spiritual encouragement and emotional support.

"It's really about the children," shared Melanne. "In my experience, and we learn things about this in school and even in movies, we see how bad some children are having it. And how they can't do anything about it themselves, especially if they're just children."

Let us know who is deserving of the award and why!  A winner will then be selected every month. Additionally, Title Guaranty will also reward the monthly Good Neighbor winner with a cash prize to go towards a local charity of their choice.

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