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Are charter schools on Guam risky business?

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The Guahan Academy Charter School is going way over budget, according to Franklin Cooper-Nurse, the Internal Audit Office's Chief Auditor. "Real simply, the budget allowed for $4.8 billion - that was the per-pupil student cost, we acknowledge that the per-pupil and the student composition of enrollment increased without the funding to support that," he explained.

"What happened was that in terms of debt obligations and what they handed for reimbursement that exceeded the appropriations amount."

Valencia Ovalles is from GACS. She hoped to clear the misconceptions over their expenditures and urged the Council to reconsider probation. "We want to be a good example of what a good charter school look like  just look at what we've done over the years, did we defy any provisions in the law?" she said.  "To put this matter to rest we really just have to complete our documentation it's just documentation or other things we did not over request our budget for 2017, which is being played out in the media we just need to complete our documentation on a few items."

In light of missing documents, the Guam Charter School Council will reconvene at a later date to discuss the future for Guahan Academy Charter School. Although unable to vote at Thursday's meeting, Amanda Blas, chairwoman of the Council said probation would be considered.

"You know, by now I go by the law so there's specific points in the law it will be based on those five points, okay?" she said.

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