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Introducing the KUAM News channel for Roku

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Today's a great day in Harmon, as we welcome another app platform to our library - the KUAM News channel on Roku streaming devices! We always strive to give you choice with consumer electronics, and if there's a device or gadget out there, we make sure we have a presence on it so you can access you favorite stories. Whether you’re using a Roku set-top box, a connected Roku TV, or a portable Roku Streaming Stick, you’ll have instant access anytime, anywhere you are.

Our Roku channel is a great, free way to enjoy Guam’s best video content for news, information, entertainment on large digital displays when you’re on the couch, at the office, in class doing a presentation, away on a trip at a hotel, or over at a friend’s house.  

If you're a Roku owner, check out our Getting Started guide to setup our channel.

Our Roku channel joins our family of device and platform services, right alongside apps for living room experiences for Apple TV and Facebook Video for Apple TV, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Google Chromecast, podcasts on Soundcloud, mobile apps for iPhone/iPad and Android, Facebook 360 app for Oculus and Gear VR for the virtual reality crowd, smart watch notifications on Apple Watch and Android Wear, all our social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn, and good 'ol for desktop and mobile browsers.

We're very excited to give you access to our mammoth library of video content, so get signed up today! We look forward to your feedback. :)

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