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Teams gut it out through 20 grueling Trench Challenge obstacles

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Competitors took part in the solo and team portion of Trench Challenge trying to outdo one another for the best possible time. Teams were made up with as many as 20 taking on the challenging course that stretched out a distance of 4 miles. Some of the new obstacles included the Atlas stones, cargo net, green monster, rope swing which featured rings.

Tom Akigami, Event Organizer, said, "This year's Trench Challenge was definitely a lot smoother, our obstacles were much bigger and we got a lot of good feedback from everybody who participated. The competitive guys, the feedback that we got from them was that the course was very tough for them at least. With the penalties for not completing one. They had to do 30 burpies and quite a few of them did multiple of those so they did come in exhausted at the end but they had a great time."

Solo competitors dug deep to finish the course putting their mind and body to the ultimate endurance test. Teams bonded and relied on teamwork to get through the obstacles fighting thirst and fatigue.

Akigami added, "The overall top finisher is going to get a paid trip to the OCR World Championships in Canada in October. And then we had the top 3 males, top 3 females top 5 in each age group that are going to get qualifying certificates and they will also be able to participate, you got to qualify to participate. And they will be able to participate. We will cover their registration fees they just have to make their way out there."

This year's beneficiaries once again were Special Olympics Guam and Guam Cancer Care. Funds raised from this year's competition will go towards day to day operations for each of the two non-profit organizations.

Akigami said, "My team is very happy to give back and especially to local organizations such as Guam Cancer Care and Special Olympics Guam. Money stays here and it's being used for a good cause so definitely we feel good about it and we are going to be continuing to do this every year."

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