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All faiths invited to participate in prayer broadcast

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Representatives from our island's diverse faith communities will come together this Sunday to pray and reflect on the threat of nuclear missile attack by the military leadership of North Korea.

Members of the Muslim, Baha'i, Chamorro Spiritualism, Buddhism, Hindu, Jewish and Christian communities have been invited to participate in a live KGTF public television event that will be broadcast worldwide via the Internet.

Television filming is set to begin at 2pm at the Mangilao KGTF studios. Producers are currently endeavoring to establish remote broadcast capabilities at the Dusit Thani conference center where the island interfaith community is meeting at noon. The TV program will last approximately ninety minutes.

This event is inspired by community concern created by the ongoing militant exchange between American president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Each faith representative will have five minutes initially to share their hopes and prayers for our island and our world as Guam begins this week perilously within range of a promised missile attack. Island music, poetry, personal testimony, and roundtable discussion are among the elements of tomorrow's spontaneous presentation.

Organizers hope to demonstrate to all in the viewing audience including those in North Korea that the people of Guam are worthy of friendship and peace... not nuclear annihilation.

All Guamanians who will participate in tomorrow's televised event will be from different backgrounds and different cultures, but the thoughts and prayers will all be about peace. Organizers hope to convey the message that regardless of race, religion, or politics everyone should be able to get along together as people... that we must relentlessly consider all actions to allow us all to coexist.

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