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Guam war survivors share thoughts on US-North Korea conflict

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They're considered Guam's greatest generation having survived the atrocities of World War II and the Japanese Occupation. Fast forward to today, 73 years later, war again on their minds with the threat of an attack from North Korea. We spoke to several islanders about their unique perspective on the situation.

"War is hell, actually, to begin with," shared Ben Gumataotao.  Another island resident, Angelina, said, "I was seven when they started doing the bombs."

On July 21, 1944, Uncle Sam liberated the Chamorros and not a moment too soon. Franky said, "I was so malnourished. I was ready to see my maker."

During the occupation, Chamorros were abused, raped, and beheaded. Angelina continued, "My mother was slapped."

But a war with North Korea would be different. "All this modern technology of warfare. It's not like back then where we can run and hide," said Franky.

Guamanians asking leaders to fight the war on words differently. Gumataotao said, "What we need to do fight is to have a pen and a table and office and discuss what's good for the world. Not act like a little kid."

But, the choice is not ours. Gumataotao said, "I served our country. I cannot vote for the country's president."

They resume their lives as usual.

Emiliana said simply, "All we have to do is pray."

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