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Andersen AFB stands ready to defend Guam

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In light of recent threats from North Korea, KUAM visited Andersen Air Force Base, where military officials say they are in a constant state of readiness.  Military might - including B-1 bombers and KC-135 Stratotankers - were showcased at Andersen AFB Friday morning.

"Right now there's a Guam exercise going on its with the United States Navy, New Zealand, Australia and Japan," said Deputy Operations Group Commander Lieutenant Colonel Chris Occhiuzzo. The exercise focuses on anti-submarine warfare and includes patrol and reconnaissance aircraft from ally nations. Occhiuzzo said in addition to frequent training, the island's military has had a continual bomber presence since 2004. The presence includes a rotation of nuclear-capable B-52s and B-2 bombers along with B-1b Lancers.

"The B-1 has multiple capabilities. Obviously, it's a bomber so it carries bombs - it has gravity bombs, it has GPS-guided bombs, it also has standoff bombs," he explained. "So our motto is 'Ready to fight', the wing mission right now is to provide President Trump with any options to provide air power across all the spectrums of the battlefield."

KUAM witnessed two bombers take off alongside KC-135 tankers Friday morning. "I can't tell you what they're doing or where they're going, but we are training every day, all the time, just so we're always ready, we're always prepared to prevail and to fight tonight," the officer said.

While Lieutenant Colonel Occhiuzzo did not comment directly on the recent threats from North Korea, he did say he is confident in the safety of his family of five living here in Guam. "And the people of Guam, they are just as important as the folks that fly the aircraft, and we could not get the mission done without the people of Guam," he said.

He said the bomber presence here in Guam serves to reassure our  nation's allies, and deter our adversaries.

The B-1s currently deployed to Guam arrived last week during a routine deployment from Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota.

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