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New legislation proposed for school calendars, GovGuam paid leave

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More bills related to Guam's students and their parents have been introduced. Bill 160 introduced by San Agustin, better computes Guam public school's makeup days and converts the Department of Education's mandatory 180 instructional days to 1,260 instructional hours.

If students lose several hours one day, and several hours another day, they will only have to make up the number of hours lost.

Meanwhile Senator Fernando Esteves introduced Bill 162 which restores 52 hours of paid child school-related leave for Government of Guam Employees. Additionally, it increases the amount of unpaid child school-related leave for private employees from 40 to 52 hours per year.

Esteves says the bill is needed to address the negative impacts of the current law and that while the law does provide unpaid leave and guarantees job protection to parents in both public and private sectors it  still trumped the Governor's Parental Involvement Initiative,  authorizing  administrative leave for government employees to participate in their children's school-related activities.

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