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Third man charged for detainee's beating

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A third man is charged for the brutal beating of Depcor detainee Justin Meno. According to a superseding indictment filed this week, Peter John Salas Gines joins Albert Santos II and Jeremiah Isezaki. All three men are charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. 

Court documents state the men allegedly fashioned a strangulation device using fabric and a wooden stick, which was used on Meno.  Though Meno was set to appear in court on Thursday to answer to charges of his own, he remains hospitalized.  Meno, who is unable to speak, reportedly identified his attackers using a photo lineup.

All four men were housed in Post 6, which is the maximum security unit.  Santos, Isezaki, and Gines will return to court on August 24. 

Meno, meanwhile, is set to appear on September 14, if his health permits.

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