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Guam neighbors react to missile launch threat

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Caught in the verbal crossfire between North Korea and the United States, Guam residents are reacting to the latest threat from North Korea to launch missiles near our island territory.

Victor Bilon from Dededo told KUAM News, "Actually, I've been looking at the news last night and its pretty crazy. And I don't know I've been looking at the people here acting like it's not a problem, but I think it's a really big problem for us." He added, "I think I should go back home and spend more time with my kids. I think that's what we should all do."

With her thoughts, Jill Reyes shared, "We're worried, but not really scared."

Another island resident, Serge Bloh, said, "How [President Donald] Trump replied to it, I think it really infuriated North Korea, honestly. But we'll see what's gonna happen next."

Also from the northern village of Dededo, Lou Meno said, "We have little kids that they don't know what's going on, and what is the president doing to protect us? I blame him. He's rich, good - he's got all the money, he's protected, but what about us? What about all those who don't have any protection to help them? I just don't agree with this, it is scary."

Erlinda Manuel from Yigo said, "We wish there would be settlements between North Korea and the United States so that we will save lives."

Chalan Pago neighbor Paul Mills said that he's, "Just living life normal right now, I think if any real threat comes down, we'll know. Anytime something like that happens you get a little worried. I have a little kid now, so but all you can do is take the information and react and hopefully everything works out."

Alexandra Harvey added, "Well, my husband's military so from the military side of it, I think if it was really imminent they would have let us know. But we watched the news and we heard what the governor said, so we just hope that we'll be safe and there will be no conflict."

As of 10am Thursday Guam time, the threat level has remained unchanged. Many residents are going about their day, some concerned, some remaining calm. Guam is a US territory with roughly 160,000 US citizens.

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