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Church urges prayer, calm after missile threat

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The Archdiocese of Agana is reminding residents to pray in light of North Korea's threats. The Church issued a release stating, "Please pray that the Holy Spirit will instill in the leaders of our country and all nations the virtues of wisdom and understanding to promote peace rather than war."

The Church also sides with the Governor who advises residents to remain calm and trust that the security of our island is in good hands.

No doubt the threat has raised concern with the impact to our tourism industry. But, Guam Visitor's Bureau president Nate Denight today stateing - GVB would like to assure all potential travelers that Guam is a safe and protected island destination.

He adds the island has had record number of visitors coming here this year and is on track to have the best year in the history of tourism.

So, he invites those travelers to continue with their plans to visit Guam.

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