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Keep the lights on AND still save money? It's possible!

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No one likes to hear that they will have to pay more for electricity, but there are ways to keep the lights on and still save up.

When you get your August power bill you might see a jump in numbers. The Public Utilities Commission increased the Levelized Energized Adjustment Clause, LEAC, or what's more commonly known as the Fuel Recovery Charge on your statement.

"Now, the impact basically on an average 1,000 kilowatt for residential ratepayers you're looking at an increase of $12.70 on your new bill or a 6.3 per cent increase overall," explained Guam Power Authority veteran Vanessa Cepeda. She says there are ways to help balance the cost for consumption in your home even with the latest increase.

Cepeda explains the need for residents to learn when to unplug - as even the most ordinary home appliances can be draining your energy and your pockets.

Vampiric loads can be frightening if you aren't careful. "Basically you have your game consoles that are not in use but however they're plugged into the outlet wall, you have your coffee maker plugged in as well umm microwaves cell phone chargers just plugged in but not charging anything basically collectively they will draw power and if it's not in use basically unplug it," she added.

If you have an extra TV or some other electronic device or appliance you don't switch on too often, you should consider unplugging it entirely until the next time you actually use it.

Also, plug into power strips which allow you to toggle the power flow on and off. You can control the power usage of clusters of devices so that they're not consuming electricity when you're not at home. Even using a light switch that turns power outlets on and off, if you have one, accomplishes the same end with even less effort.

Setting your computer to sleep mode, or turning off your game console instead of leaving it paused for a prolonged period, could lead to bigger savings.

You can also make upgrades to more energy efficient appliances like air conditioning systems with the EnergySense rebate.

And finally Cepeda says by monitoring your power consumption you can control your power consumption. GPA's myEnergy website allows you to track power use in your home. "It's user friendly I recommend that our ratepayers go in there and register that way they can monitor their consumption know what's being turned on you know how much consumption is being used on a daily and take advantage of that so they can better control their consumption," Cepeda added.

For more information on GPA's tools including the EnergySense rebate program and MyEnergy monitoring you can check out their website at

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