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Bordallo confident Guam is "safe and protected"

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While Guam takes center stage in the war of words between the United States and North Korea, local leaders are preparing a statement. Island residents are waking up to world news that North Korea is looking at the possibility of launching a missile aimed at Guam.  The threat follows President Donald Trump’s announcement hours earlier warning North Korea that any threat to the United States would be met with “fire and fury”. KUAM has reached out to the Governor’s Office as well as Guam Homeland Security for a comment. Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo in the meantime issued a statement from Washington D.C. She says the recent reports are deeply troubling but remains confident that Guam is safe and protected. “President Trump must work in partnership with the international community to de-escalate the growing tensions in the region and prevent North Korea from advancing its nuclear program further. While the recent sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council were an effort to demonstrate to Kim Jung-Un that his actions will not go unanswered, President Trump must show steady leadership as these sanctions are carried out.  The international community has clearly stated, through the UN Security Council, that North Korea’s escalatory actions are an international problem, and we must continue to engage our partners and allies to bring a peaceful resolution to the North Korean threat. Again I want to reiterate that Guam remains safe, and I am confident in the ability of U.S. defenses to protect our island and allies in the region.”  KUAM has not been able to reach local military officials for a comment. Guam is equipped with the only permanently stationed Terminal High Altitude Area Defense System in the United States. According to Guam Homeland Security advisor George Charfauros, the missile defense system has a 100% accuracy rate and has had 14 successful intercepts out of 14 attempts.

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