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Daughter of KAL Flight 801 victim keeps her mother's spirit alive

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This Sunday marked 20 years since Korean Airlines flight 801 crashed on Guam. More than 200 people died in the tragedy. And the spirit of one of those victims lives on, as her family gives back to the community just as she did when she was alive.

It's a day that forever remains in Guam's history. Yuri Kim recalled, "It was a huge shock."

Arriving August 6th, 1997 from Seoul, KAL 801 crashed on Nimitz Hill. The death toll at more than 200.. It's also the day Kim lost her mother. "The way that she left us is extremely unfortunate and terribly sad and we live with that everyday, but the meaning of her life is more than that one moment."

And her memory remains here on a memorial. Yuri's mom, Jane, along with the dozens more that died that tragic day. Jane was a homemaker and an active member with the Korean Women's Association. She was also known for finding ways to give back through scholarships.

Yuri said, "She was always emphasizing the importance of being educated and using our education to improve the lives of ourselves and everyone around us."

Today, her legacy continued, as she said, "Keep your mother in mind because you mother will keep you in mind."

The day after the 20th anniversary, Yuri spoke to the girls of Academy during a special mass for their first day back to school. Among the bunch, four teens who were awarded a-full year tuition free - through the Jane Wha-Young Kim scholarship.

Though neither were born when the crash occurred, they are thankful. Avelina Marie Francisco, 10th grade, said, "It was really shocked something like this can happen on Guam." Christine Lazaro, 12th grade, added, "I didn't even know when the crash happened. I just found out about it today." And Alexis Jade Santos, 12th grade, said, "I feel really honored and blessed because my family doesn't have that financial burden anymore and I am so honored to receive this from the Kim family. They are great people."

Kiana Joy Yabut, 11th grade said, "Knowing nothing about it getting such a benefit from it is amazing and I think that the Kim family is amazing."

Yuri said, "I hope these girls they dream big, work hard and that they always stay thankful."

Since 1998, the foundation has given out more than $100,000 in scholarships. Something new - Yuri says they have launched the Jane Wha-Young Kim Teaching Award, so from now through April 1st of next year, they are looking for a middle and a high school teacher who you think goes above and beyond.

For more information, you can email Yuri Kim at janekimfoundation@gmail.com.

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