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Commission on Decolonization urges UN to visit Guam

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The Commission on Decolonization is inviting the United Nations to send a visiting mission to Guam. Governor Eddie Calvo signed the letter inviting the group here.  He said the commission took it upon itself to extend the invitation since the US has yet to facilitate a UN visit. 

He believes it will be an effective way to help prepare for a US and UN approved self-determination plebiscite.  In the letter Calvo also mentions his current legal challenge of the so-called "Dave Davis" decision. The commission discussed including a copy of the Davis ruling with the letter.

"We send this letter out and maybe the only thing is we will be sending additional information, and with that subsequent information, because really what we want to do is if we're going to provide a report on the Davis case a lot of these folks don't even know the American legal system," said Calvo.

Former Guam resident Dave Davis had challenged the self-determination plebiscite as discriminatory against him as a non-Chamorro. And District Court Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood agreed that a Chamorro-only vote was unconstitutional. 

The Commission also discussed a long-term education campaign on self-determination that will be rolled out by the education department for all grade levels.

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