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Concerns raised about expanding DOE's pre-k program

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Guam Education Board chair Peter Alecxis Ada has raised concern over plans to expand the island's Head Start program despite a reduction in enrollment last year. "And your plan is now to expand two other schools, am I reading that correctly?" he questioned.

Head Start Project director Catherine Schroeder said the reduced enrollment may be due to extended hours or to students transferring to other schools and programs, including pre-kindergarten. Superintendent Jon Fernandez said, "We also want to make sure we're not cannibalizing from Head Start, and we're also looking in areas where there is existing demand or pent up demand so we're not putting pre-k classrooms in areas where it will be hard to enroll students.

"So a lot of that will require working with our head start program to ensure that we're not just seeing people shift from one program to another, but that we're actually adding pre-k participants."

DOE requested $681,000 in the Fiscal Year 2018 budget to expand the pre-k program to four classrooms next school year.

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