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Women detail alleged sexual encounters with Ehlert

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Day 4 of trial for UOG's Dr. Michael Ehlert continued today with more testimony from alleged victims. These two women, however, didn't report their unwanted sexual encounters with their psychology professor until it was too late.

Though Ehlert wouldn't be charged in these cases, he's being tried for similar crimes involving three other women.

Will his past come back to haunt him?

"I remember the room being dark. And I remember the breathing," one of the women recalled. Prosecutor Matthew Heibel asked, "What do you remember about the breathing?" to which she said, "Heavy. The stench of alcohol. I remember trying to say something, but I couldn't for some reason but for some reason there was nothing coming out."

Similar to his three accusers, two other women allege they had unwanted sexual encounters with psychology professor Dr. Ehlert during one of his parties at his Ipan residence. According to victim "R.H.", who testified in trial today, she attended one of those parties in 2009.

There, she alleges he grabbed her breasts, forced her to perform fellatio, and then raped her in his bedroom.

"I remember trying to with all my might, with all my energy, trying to fight him off," she testified. "I remember every time I opened my mouth he was trying to put his genitalia in my mouth. I remember being in pain."

For victim "L.R.", she and her friend attended an Ehlert-hosted party in 2011. While saying their goodbyes, she alleges the teacher grabbed her buttocks. "He said something like, 'What? You're leaving already?' Then he grabbed my butt and said, 'I was hoping to touch this or spend some time with this before you left. But now you're free to go.' Something along those lines," she said.

We should note, Ehlert isn't facing criminal charges for either of the incidents described in court today. This is because neither R.H. or L.R. reported their unwanted sexual encounters to authorities within the statute of limitations.

Both R.H. and L.R. gave their reasons for not coming forward sooner. R.H. told jurors shame kept her from reporting it to police. L.R. told jurors said she was in her final semester at the University of Guam and didn't want the incident to interfere with her graduation.

Trial will resume on Wednesday.

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