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Guam Bar Association erred in electing officers

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The Guam Supreme Court orders a new election...but it won't be your typical political balloting. Instead, the vote will decide the new presidency of the Guam Bar Association. 

The island's high court ruled that the Bar Association made errors in conducting its election for new officers last December.  The voting was challenged by Attorney Gloria Lujan Rudolph, who was edged out in a tight race for president by Attorney Jackie Terlaje.  The justices found that among other errors, the ballot materials did not allow for voter anonymity. 

The court also noted that the Bar's election committee had also determined that as many as 71 ballots were spoiled because they lacked a name, a decipherable signature or some other unqualified defect. 

Bar Association Vice-President Michael Pangelinan says while the committee believes it substantially complied with the election by-laws, and took measures to cure any defects, they appreciate the Supreme Court's guidance and will comply with the order.  Pangelinan says they hope to begin mailing out ballots next week for the new election. 

The Supreme Court has ordered the balloting being completed before an annual meeting that will be held on August 25, in which the new officers will be installed. 

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