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Senator Lee takes control of rules committee

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It was business as usual at a Committee on Rules meeting this afternoon - with new Chairperson, Senator Regine Biscoe Lee at the helm.

In this afternoon's meeting a motion to move Resolution 164 will be sent to session floor for a vote by the entire body. The resolution reorganizes the legislatures committees and splits the Committee on Rules into two separate committees - the COR and the Committee on legislative Operations.

Several other bills and resolutions were also placed on the upcoming session agenda including Senator Mike San Nicolas' Resolution 76 which seeks to spread out Section 30 funds to improve cash flow of GovGuam, starting in the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year. The resolution has prompted a back and forth with Adelup, as the administration says it will only delay tax refunds.

The resolution was on the previous session agenda, but was passed on file because San Nicolas was unwell.

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