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How did a drone crash near the Mangilao prison?

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They can be a rather fun device to work with, and those with cameras even offer some incredible images taken from the sky. We are talking about drones.

But, it was not the sort of eyes in the sky wanted. The high tech gadget alerting officials at the Department of Corrections after a drone crashed on prison grounds.

It came out of nowhere.

"There was a drone that had crashed," said DepCor deputy director Kate Baltazar says this Mavic drone was found on Friday around 6:45 pm inside the Mangilao compound. It went down near the post 5 unit.

Though nothing else was found with the drone, Baltazar says the incident has led to an internal affairs investigation. "One can only put the pieces of the puzzle together that it was possibly a test to see if it could get into the facility," she said.

And possibly drop contraband into the prison.

"This ties into how we need to step up the contraband interdiction efforts because people who are attempting to get contraband into our facilities are getting more and more sophisticated," she said. "We know from our counterparts in the mainland that these drones have been flying in and doing air drops."

DOC investigators are reviewing their security cameras, as well. "As alarming as it is at least we are finding it and stopping it," said Baltazar.

DepCor is currently investigating a couple dozen contraband incidents that happened just this year. Heightened security has since helped stop more contraband from being smuggled into the prison. Investigators say the serial number is also on the drone. They hope that could help them track down its owner.

The cost of the Mavic drone on the manufacturer's site - DJI. The price tag goes anywhere from $999 to about $1,300.

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