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UOG staffer testifies about Ehlert investigation

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It was a teacher-hosted house party that a made turn for the worst. University of Guam's Dr. Michael Ehlert now in day three of trial accused of digitally penetrating three of those party goers while they were swimming in a beach nearby.

Today, we hear details from UOG staff tasked with investigating the psychology professor's conduct at the off-campus event.

If he had inappropriately touched anyone, it wasn't intentional. This is what Dr. Michael Ehlert told University of Guam's Deborah Leon Guerrero, one of two individuals tasked with investigating the psychology professor. "He denied it. Absolutely denied it. It did not happen," she stated.

The events in question occurred on November 1st, 2014. Ehlert regularly hosted parties for his students at his Ipan residence. Students brought their own alcohol, played adult-games, and went for a swim at the nearby beach.

At this particular party, Ehlert stated he had the equivalent of one beer that night and joined his guests for an impromptu swim, wearing what he described as "exercise underwear."

Leon Guerrero said, "He didn't plan to, but eventually he decided to once he was there."  In the water, he's accused of digitally penetrating three of the girls who would report it to the Guam Police Department and UOG.

Though he wasn't required to participate in UOG's investigation into the matter, Ehlert was cooperative. "I believe he was saying that when swimming, the type of strokes he was using in his swimming his hands could've possibly accidentally touched someone in the way of his swimming," she stated.

Prosecutor Matthew Heibel asked, "So what type of stroke was he using? How did he describe it?", with Leon Guerrero saying, "I think he said crawl."

"Like a freestyle crawl?" Heibel continued, with Leon Guerrero confirming that it was.  "He didn't recall but thought it was possible that perhaps he was swimming and then maybe lost his balance and trying to gain his balance and may have touched her in an effort to gain balance."

As for the last victim, Ehlert told investigators he didn't know who she was. "He doesn't know her so he doesn't believe he's had any contact with her and if there was it was unintentional," said Leon Guerrero.

On the stand last week, the first victim during cross-examination confirmed she had never in fact seen her perpetrator. Also, despite there being a handful of others in the water, no one saw the alleged incidents.

Trial resumes on Tuesday.

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