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Cop involved in car crashes

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Guam police responded to an early morning car crash involving one of their own. It happened around 1:20 am on Saturday near the Venue in Hagatna. 

The off duty cop, who was driving a pickup truck, called the accident in to police dispatch.  The crash was caught on cellphone video.  Police say responding officers learned it was two separate events involving five cars, GPD spokesperson officer AJ Balajadia said. 

In the first incident, the officer pulled his truck into the Venue parking lot and crashed into another car and a sign. The impact caused the sign to fall over and hit another car. Investigators also learned that the officer had backed his truck toward Chalan Santo Papa street in the second incident when he then crashed into two other cars. 

Officers interviewed witnesses and the owners of the parked cars at the scene. The officer was also given a standard field sobriety test after concern  that he had been drinking alcohol and was possibly impaired. He passed the test. 

The cop, who has not been identified, was cited for imprudent driving, unsafe backing, standing parked on roadway, and driving other then on the right side of the roadway. 

GPD chief of police JI Cruz has since instructed the Duty Officer to have all incident reports sent to him in reference to this case for further review.

(Viewer submitted video)

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