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Mark Torre, Jr. granted more time out of prison

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He was convicted and sentenced for the 2015 deadly shooting of a fellow officer, but the former cop will spend more time out of prison. Ex-GPD officer Mark Torre Jr. was set to self-surrender to the Department of Corrections today. But that's not happening, after Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo granted the defense's motion allowing him to remain under house arrest until Torre's appeal against the eight year sentencing is done.

Outraged, Greg Lizama told KUAM News strongly, "I think it's disgusting."

Lizama was the late Bert Piolo's longtime friend. He along with the Piolo family feel today's decision to keep Torre out of jail goes completely against their fight to get "Justice for Bert".

"A life was lost," said Lizama. "Are you really taking this case seriously?"

The decision and order states Torre, who was convicted of negligent homicide, aggravated assault as a third degree felony - both with the special allegation of possession and use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony - has complied with all the conditions of his pre-trial release and had zero violations over the past two years. It also states he is not a flight risk and poses no danger to the community.

"We were certainly anxious about what was going on without a judgment or commitment order now that we've cleared that up we're certainly grateful that he will be released pending appeal," stated Jay Arriola, Torre's attorney. Responding to the judge's order, he added, "Certainly no special treatment - anyone who is out on appeal whose complied with their conditions whose gone trial and whose not raising a frivolous appeal is entitled to remain on appeal."

Still, this latest development does not sit well with those who knew Bert. Lizama said, "I feel like that day is just happening all over again, you know, my biggest thing for this case is they are really playing the loopholes of the law."

Torre will continue his house arrest with his family serving as thirdparty custodian. He is also fighting against the restitution the Piolos have requested. A hearing on that issue is set for later this month.

In the meantime, the Attorney General's Office did not respond to the motion granted today, and is giving no comment, as well.

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