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Runner takes his message to the streets to secure pedestrians

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An avid runner is pounding the pavement in hopes of bringing awareness about the lack of safety for the island's pedestrians and the need for road improvements. For 20-year-old Dennis Dali, actions speak louder than words. And for the past few weeks, the Mangilao resident has been taking to the streets, running from village to village and speaking with mayors and vice-mayors about the condition of the roads, the lack of safety on the roadways and of course, the improvements needed.

He detailed his mission to KUAM News, saying, "My intentions was not to cause a riot or anything like that or anything negative, it's to promote positive and peaceful protesting...something that stands for a greater cause."

What prompted the U.S. Army Specialist to run for awareness? It was an incident that took place on Father's Day, in which, a pair of cyclists, were struck by a vehicle while riding on Route 3 in Dededo. Fortunately, they survived. It was also an incident that occurred a while back that hit close to home.

"During my time at Simon Sanchez High School, I lost several schoolmates from auto pedestrian casualties," he said. Dali hopes that by personally interacting with the mayors and most especially the legislative body, his concerns will be addressed.

"It's for everyone that occupies the roads because commuting from place to place sometimes on foot or on a bike, you get cautious about different dangers that you're prone to and a lot of times the roads to accommodate to you commuting," he said.

To date, he's ran over 50 miles and has spoken briefly with mayors from Mangilao, Sinajana, Piti, Asan/Maina, Yigo, Ordot/Chalan Pago, and Agana. Discussing everything from road issues within the village and what they are doing to ensure pedestrian safety. And it seems the problem stems from lack of funding. Dali says it would be nice to have a law or bill passed that would ensure all persons after a certain time wear a reflective vest or gear.

He also adds that the legislature needs to really analyze the budget and make sure funds are being used wisely. "That in itself would help the people of Guam better understanding how GovGuam is operating," he shared. "Transparency is very important."

If you would like to join Dali in his mission or would like more information, you can find him on Facebook or at the Mangilao Mayor's office, where he routinely starts his daily runs.

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