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Opening statements presented in Dr. Michael Ehlert trial

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Did longtime University of Guam psychology professor Dr. Michael Ehlert cross the line? Prosecutor Matthew Heibel thinks so.

Heibel said, "All three of them were in the water that evening. All three of them will tell you that their professor came up from behind and not just touched them, but put his hand in their bikini bottoms and actually digitally penetrated them."

Defense disagrees.

Attorney Jay Arriola questions the credibility of the alleged victims who he says continually changed their story, saying, "The case is going to show, the evidence is going to show that their stories have been exaggerated."

The events in question occurred during a house party at Ehlert's Ipan residence back in November 1, 2014 Ehlert typically hosts student parties. There's food, alcohol, and games followed by a swim at the nearby beach. Ehlert reportedly wore only his underwear into the ocean.

Defense today clarifying they were sports shorts.

Either way, a group of students and Ehlert went for a swim.

In the water, three of the females allege the professor put his hands down their swim bottoms and digitally penetrated them.

No one else witnessed the alleged acts because it was dark and high tide.

Only one of the girls would report the incident to police and the University of Guam immediately.

The other two alleged victims didn't come forward until much later.

Though he's charged for inappropriately touching three females, the government is anticipated to call two other women to the stand who allege they too had unwanted sexual encounters with Ehlert in the past.

The government is also anticipated to present a video recorded that night.

According to Heibel, the video will show Ehlert intoxicated, dressed only in his white underwear.

Arriola, however, says the video will show something much different.

Heibel said, "You will even see a video that was taken by one of the students that shows some of the students hanging around at the party and shows the professor of psychology coming through the door sort of stumbling being led from behind by another student in his white underwear."

Arriola said, "That one video clip you can see many of them interacting and the video is very telling why these same women in that video after swimming in the beach you would think if three of them had just been." Heibel objected, saying "argumentative." Arriola continued, "When you see the video it doesn't look like three women had just been digitally penetrated."

Trial will resume on Friday with the government to continue presenting their case in chief.

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