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Track your home's power usage on the web

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School's out, the kids are home, and the heat is scorching - so you may have noticed a - or large - bump in your power bill. And in this instance your best bet to manage utilities like power, would be to see how you're actually using energy in your home. The Guam Power Authority is encouraging their customers to sign up with to do just that.

Customer Service Supervisor Elizabeth Mendiola says many customers get their bills and wonder why they pay as much as they do. They can only guess that maybe it's their air conditioning, water heater, or dryer. "It would allow you to see if you've got a central air system and you leave it on 24-hours a day it will show you what the impact may be. If you've got split air systems, or window units, it will also show you what the impact may be on a daily basis where the consumption goes up during the day," she explained.

Mendiola says the system is used to empower customers to track consumption and manage energy. She added, "The one gentleman we had in the past had a problem where he was seeing a spike in his power bill and he couldn't understand, he says, every night we do the same thing and we go to bed and in the end what had happened when we see those different hours of the day, he was able to see that somehow in the middle of the night or when the kids were supposed to go to bed in instead they were using their PCs and computers."

The system is relatively easy to sign up for. To register go to the and have your most recent power bill handy. It will ask you to establish a username and password and it will follow with a series of security questions in case you lose your access in the future.

It will send a confirmation e-mail and then you're on you'll be on your way to better tracking energy consumption in your home.

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