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Justin Meno not well enough to appear in court

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He's not well enough to go before the court. DepCor detainee Justin Meno has been in the Guam Memorial Hospital since he was badly beaten at the Post 6 - Max Unit yard area back in March.

So, when will he be ready to answer to the burglary charges against him? That answer we could find out soon after what happened in court today.

Meno may have been released from DOC custody, but his ongoing recovery from the day he was brutally beaten while being detained at DOC still leaves him confined to the Guam Memorial Hospital's skilled nursing unit.

Ana Marie Gayle, Alternate Public Defender said, "He is not ready to be released. We don't need DOC there to watch him, but he is not ready to be released."  Meno's burglary case has gone before the court for an arraignment at least a half dozen times in recent months.

Though it's been continued each time, Gayle noted, "He cannot talk. He knows who I am, he was able to sign a waiver for me, but other than I didn't talk to him about the case." Gayle is with the Alternate Public Defender's Office. She told the judge today about a pending motion to remove her as Meno's attorney, as she is representing a co-defendant, Duane Naputi, in his burglary case.

The case is now set to go up for further proceedings Thursday morning. It's there Attorney Gayle could waive Meno's appearance and move forward with his arraignment.

Since the beating, three people have been charged with nearly killing Meno during the max unit attack back in March.

Today, one of those suspects, Albert Santos II pleaded not guilty to the attempted murder charges and will be back in court on July 20th.

The other suspect, Jeremiah Isezaki has since pleaded not guilty, as well.

A third suspect, Peter Gines, was also arrested for his alleged part in the attack but has yet to be charged.

Today, Judge Alberto Tolentino also setting a continued arraignment hearing for Meno for July 19. That hearing he says will only happen if the burglary case does not progress during tomorrow's further proceedings in Superior Court.

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